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No matter the issues that needs attention we have a solution for your needs. In the digital age things are continually changing forcing consumers to struggle stay in the know. However, unlike years past these updates are coming so rapidly that there are times that the problem eradicates itself through new updates from software update or new program launching. We have experience and know how to navigate through every changing territory and achieve desired results within a few clicks.

Born out of necessity, Ryan Gartrell found himself working at small company wearing many hats, one of them being liaison to the marketing solutions company that the company employed. As he worked with the company he realized that his background in computer science made this task very easy and the work that this company was doing was below his skill level.After his boss agreed to let him manage the marketing internally, Ryan was able to take the company’s digital presence not only higher than the previous company’s but far above their national competitors for the same services. Curious if his success was due to a niche market or true skill Mr. Gartrell began testing his abilities with so me friend’s small businesses resulting equally impressive numbers.

In 2012 Jamie Calabria join with Mr. Gartrell to form an official LLC, bring with him a very fruitful background in accounting, graphic design, and sales. Innovating Trends began working with an array of clients from small business to large companies with national reach. Over the past few years the company’s Client list has grown and expanded with cliental from the north to south and east to west of not only Pittsburgh but the US. Innovating Trends continues to navigate and create solutions for problems created by an ever changing terrain... Where we are going there are no roads!

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Innovating Trends is a Pittsburgh-based firm specializing in the integration of design and marketing.

We believe that brand identification and a powerful online presence are a direct result of portraying the entire picture, and it’s our purpose to grasp your story and convey it to the world. Tell us your mission and let us translate it to the customer.

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