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Social Media Platforms are the most interactive source currently floating around the internet. With 24 hr. connectivity between your potential customers, new customers, existing customers, competitors, and you. And the use of these platforms are continuing to grow, we now see snapchat being added to advertising content and sponsored filters, it may be a few years until that platform is open to the general business owner’s budget and not just the advertising budget of this summer block buster know social media marketing and managing it in an ever changing environment can be a daunting task. At Innovating trend we follow tried and proven technique to not only formulate attention grabbing content, contest, post, and images but also to increase followings and interactions. We take the business and give it a trending edge that increases the interactions with new and existing customers. maintaining these channels of communication beyond just telephone

Reputation Management

Once something is released on the internet it is there forever, even that one bad review from the one customer who thinks

Organic SEO

Being organically recognizes by a search engine as a reputable source requires a lot of attention to detail

Local SEO

The internet is a vast black hole of information being able to connect with your market demographic with in a targeted area.

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Innovating Trends is a Pittsburgh-based firm specializing in the integration of design and marketing.

We believe that brand identification and a powerful online presence are a direct result of portraying the entire picture, and it’s our purpose to grasp your story and convey it to the world. Tell us your mission and let us translate it to the customer.


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