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Innovating Trends will enhance you digital landing page and provide a beautiful full customizable design, with a fully responsive up-to- date website even on new websites. Have a beautiful new business office is great, but what if there is no road to get there how do you have people use it, or send mail to it? Digital ranking and advertising is sort of like that. Every year more and more smart phone users are searching for information solely from their phone or tablet. Having a website that is old and out dated can really affect how a search engine or hosting service can provide access to your site. Even some newly designed sites while beautiful form a desk top may not be accessible from a mobile device. The importance of having a site and have a mobile responsive site go hand in hand. In order to be eaily accesable, user friendly, and generates a lot of buzz you want to have the best options available and we at innovating trends can help!

Local SEO

The internet is a vast black hole of information being able to connect with your market demographic with in a targeted area.

PPC Marketing

PPC or Pay-per- click Marketing is the most comparable to traditional, out bound marketing where suppliers are actively


Social Media Platforms are the the most interactive source currently floating around the internet. With 24 hr.

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Innovating Trends is a Pittsburgh-based firm specializing in the integration of design and marketing.

We believe that brand identification and a powerful online presence are a direct result of portraying the entire picture, and it’s our purpose to grasp your story and convey it to the world. Tell us your mission and let us translate it to the customer.


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