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PPC or Pay-per- click Marketing is the most comparable to traditional, out bound marketing where suppliers are actively seeking out an audience to engage with.  We first conduct an analysis on your market and competitors.  We then create ads to target your market.  The advertiser pays a for each ad that successfully drove traffic to their website, or form. 


Social Media Platforms are the the most interactive source currently floating around the internet. With 24 hr.

Reputation Management

Once something is released on the internet it is there forever, even that one bad review from the one customer who thinks

Organic SEO

Being organically recognizes by a search engine as a reputable source requires a lot of attention to detail and an

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Innovating Trends is a Pittsburgh-based firm specializing in the integration of design and marketing.

We believe that brand identification and a powerful online presence are a direct result of portraying the entire picture, and it’s our purpose to grasp your story and convey it to the world. Tell us your mission and let us translate it to the customer.

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